Kevin Woon, Malaysian born, moved to New York City at the age of eighteen and started supplementing his college tuition with a part-time job as a hairstylists' assistant in Chinatown. After obtaining his license, Kevin trained at Oribe Salon and began assisting Oribe on international fashion shows like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Versace, to name but a few. Now proprietor of his own salon in downtown Manhattan, Woon collaborates with leading fashion photographers (including Christian Witkin, Dewey Nicks and Sara Silver) and his hairstyles can be found in the world's most highly regarded fashion magazines from Allure to i-D magazine.
MichaelAnthony is one of the beauty industry's most exciting, energetic and sought after colorist. As the Head Colorist at Woon, he shares Kevin's vision and philosophy of using a team approach to create a total look for clients. For several years, MichaelAnthony was Hair Supervisor at NBC's Saturday Night Live where he quickly became a favorite of high profile celebrities for his versatility and creative mind-speed. In 2004, he received his first Emmy nomination. Michael Anthony's innovative approach and fashion forward eye keeps him a favorite among his celebrity clientele and has made him popular among downtown's more stylish entrepeneurs. To learn more about MichaelAnthony visit
Matt Flynn arrived in NYC in 1991. He spent 14 years as a senior hairstylist at Oribe Salon while working extensively on fashion shows in NY, Paris and Rome. He has worked for numerous editorials and covers for magazines and was featured in magazine articles such as Vogue, Allure, and Sports Illustrated. Matt's talent has made him one of the favorites among his celebrity clientele. He has literally worked on kings and queens. Matt is based at WOON.
Katsumi Matsuo comes to WOON as an accomplished hairstylist after having served a successful tenure of 2 years under our salons namesake. Prior to joining WOON for hair, Katsumi also worked in make-up with the leading fashion stylist Yuki Wada here in NYC. This all-around creative talent is now available to thoroughly express his exclusive talents that have taken him from the elite Yamano Beauty College of Tokyo and professional work to the editorial pages of todays fashion magazines. Katsumi also specialize in Japanese Thermal Perm and provides his services at WOON. More about Katsumi visit